Cafe Mike, Finsbury Park Station

Visited Monday 20th December 2010


There’s something of a 70s feel to this cafe, with log cabin steakhouse and Italian coffee bar features. A lot of caffs built into the fabric of stations are very dark, but this one manages to make the most of the natural light from its front window. Friendly welcome and nice and warm on a chilly day.

Food: I’d intended to just have a cup of tea and slice of toast, but they don’t really do English breakfast here. Other customers were all eating croissants. I went for roasted veg panino in the end. It wasn’t really very special, but it filled a gap and prepared me for my brave venture to Brent Cross Shopping Centre. The tea was bizarrely served in a tall glass (reminding me a bit of the smoked glass mugs that very sophisticated caffs used to use in the early 1980s) and was a bit milky, but welcome all the same.


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