Inhabition, Chalk Farm Road, Camden Town

First visited: 17th December 2010

Interior: Pale laminate flooring and varnished pine tables could have made Inhabition a little austere, but in fact it’s one of the cosiest caffs I’ve visited in ages. As its name suggests, it is not the average greasy spoon, but it is not achingly trendy either. Perhaps it’s the theatre posters which makes it feel so welcoming and the proper caff menu which makes it feel so unpretentious. At any rate, a pleasant place to be in, even if it weren’t snowing outside (which it was).

Food: As it was lunchtime, I went for a full breakfast of the vegetarian variety. I was pleased to see bubble rather than the ubiquitous hash browns (I know bubble is just yesterday’s leftover mash and veg, but it is lovely, isn’t it?) and plenty of fresh, if characterless, mushrooms and grilled tomatoes. The poached eggs were perfect. The let-down for me was the veggie sausage, but then I only really like glamorgan sausage in a meat-free breakfast, so I’m not the ideal person to judge. If I may say so, the tea, a generous helping served in a pot, was almost too strong for me and I asked them to top it up with hot water when I’d got through the first lot. Sadly, they added another teabag for which they charged me, rather defeating the purpose, but the thought was there.


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