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A note on food

January 31, 2007

I try and be a bit careful where my food comes from which means, although I eat meat, I tend not to order it in caffs. I also tend to try and be careful with balancing carbs, veg and protein – not that I think everyone should do that, but I definitely have a problem with hunger and portion control that I can manage if I avoid too many high-glycaemic carbohydrates.


Another blog about caffs

January 31, 2007

This in no way meets the variety, consistency, quality or presentation of existing sites such as those I have linked to on the right. Apart from anything else, I don’t have a digital camera. But I like caffs, especially classic ones, I go to them a lot and describe them to friends. This is just a more formalised version of emails I have sent to individuals over the past few years. Enjoy or ignore.