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Tito’s Sandwich Bar, Grays Inn Road

January 7, 2010

Visited: Thursday 7th January 2010

Interior: Tito’s is really pleasant, full of light with nice ‘formica’ tables and a smart checked floor, giving it a bit of a deco feel. There’s also a nice upstairs area. I wasn’t very impressed with the welcome I got a couple of years ago, but it was much friendlier this time.

Food: I had a jacket with beans and cheese. The skin of the jacket was semi-edible, for once, and the filling generous without being overpowering. Best of all was a real salad accompaniment of the sort one actually would want to eat rather than a flacid leaf of iceberg lettuce and slice of cucumber. Mint tea was a bargain at £1 and there doesn’t seem to be a surcharge for eating in.