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Pleasant Cafe, Mount Pleasant, Tunbridge Wells

May 24, 2010

Visited: Sunday 23rd May 2010

I’ll have to update my taxonomy of types as this is a real 1970s classic – vinyl ’tiled’ flooring, wipe-clean (but not decorative) tiles, open counter, fluorescent lighting. A few plants and wooden tables and chairs gave it a more refined feel, suitable to its location. I was pretty impressed that three caffs were open next to the station on a Sunday lunchtime, and this was certainly the most greasy-spoonlike, and thoroughly charming for it.

I had a cheese toasty, made without Breville (ie toast, cheese and microwave) and very nice it was too. Tea was a bit disappointing, as it was made in a little metal pot, and didn’t have much substance to it, but Tunbridge Wells is the kind of place where even the greasies use individual teapots rather than having a great big oneĀ  pouring orange headblaster.