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Bad Cafe: Antonio’s Cafe, Piccadilly, Manchester

April 29, 2007

Visited: Monday 23rd April 2007

Handy for the station, but that’s about it. Welcome was far from friendly and my pampered southern-ness couldn’t quite cope with the smoke. And the loo was out of order (and looked like it had been for years – or rather that the sign was a permanent fixture to prevent people abusing the facilities, which obviously includes those who’ve just filled themselves with the caff’s tea.)

Interior: Nothing special – some nice mirroring, and padded seats, but standard plastic tables. Greenery was a good touch

Food: A big disappointment. I had tea, a fried egg, toast (white only), tomatoes and mushrooms and only the toast was made fresh. The tomatoes were actually okay – a whole tomato quartered and while it had been sitting around a while, it was nice and juicy.