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Garden Cafe, Goldhurst Terrace, Swiss Cottage

January 5, 2011

Visited: Wednesday 5th January 2011

Interior: Wooden floors and tables give this cafe a cosy feel and a move towards the upmarket end of the caffs scale. Certainly there were no reflective jackets on view, although a fair number of white collar workers when I visited on a Wednesday lunchtime (after a rather harrowing doctor’s appointment). There were also lots of children including some of school age, but perhaps they attend the kinds of schools that are so expensive that you don’t start until the middle of January. Anyway, a pleasant place to be, although a few smiles, or even eye contact, from the waitress would have been nice.

Food: This nearly got a gold star – my jacket with cheddar and spinach (spinach!) came with a huge portion of lovely salad and the cheese and spinach were just the right level of melty. Sadly the potato itself, while it must have seen an oven at some point, had the slightly leathery skin that only a microwave can provide. On the beverage front, I was impressed that my teabag was left in and I was free to add my own milk from a dinky little pot. The fact that there was a saucer on top of the oversized cup, to keep the water hot while brewing, almost made up for it not being a mug. I also had carrot juice. A place like this isn’t selling itself on low prices but it came to eleven pounds with a tip, not bad for the quality, portion size and, dare I say it, location. Don’t know where all the builders were eating though.