Carlton Coffee House, Soho

Tripadvisor review here

Interior:Although the shiny tables and part-metal part-pine chairs give off a look of recent refurbishment, there’s a solid mediterranean sandwich bar feel to the Carlton. Theatre posters, a lovely servery display case and dark wooden fittings made me feel very comfortable. And the efficient and friendly proprietress helped too. I was a little surprised to go through the door to the toilets to find myself in the open air, but that’s what you get with historic Soho buildings and it wasn’t actually snowing at the time. And was all spotless.

Food:Nothing special going on here: egg and beans perfectly okay, bacon a little salty for my taste (but generous portion of back bacon), mushrooms horrible slimy tinned things and the toast the usual weirdly foldable triangles. However, the tea was extremely nice.

At £5.90 including the tea it was about what I expected for the area. However, I realised as soon as I’d finished that I shouldn’t have ordered the breakfast, as poached egg on toast would have sufficed and I really would have preferred tomato to beans or mushrooms. I was suckered in by the fact that egg and tomato on toast would have cost almost as much as the breakfast. No wonder there’s an obesity problem.


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