Town Cafe, Kentish Town Road

First visited Saturday 25th February 2012

Interior: Town Cafe is a cut out and keep standard caff: ‘formica’ tables, laminated menus, tiled floor, Heart on the radio. Nothing wrong with that and the staff were very friendly on my visit. It’s also clearly a popular local hangout as it was busy too.

Food: I had a composed breakfast: beans, mushrooms, tomato on toast with egg and bacon, which was exactly as you might imagine: lots of beans, fresh tomatoes, nicely grilled. The mushrooms were a bit tasteless but I’ve had worse and the egg was just right (for my tastes – I like a runny yolk). The bread was nothing special but worked very well as a recipient for the other things on the plate. It was a small piece of bacon, but I didn’t mind that – it was just enough to add salt, fat and texture to the other ingredients. Because what I had wasn’t a set breakfast, it came to a bit more than it should, but that’ll teach me to order bespoke.


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