Crown Cafe, Crowndale Road, Mornington Crescent

First visited: Wednesday 29th February 2012

Interior: Crown Cafe, which I used to live very near, but never visited (hard to justify paying for a cuppa when you have a kettle at home) has a slightly odd interior. The wooden boards on the walls give it a strangely rustic look, perhaps even a country and western one. The ‘formica’ tables were fairly standard and the chairs very modern but the pictures include two rather strange collages representing ‘London’ and ‘New York’, the former which included an image of a Routemaster bus but the photo had been reversed so the destination was back to front. Or maybe it was supposed to be reflected in a car wing mirror? Anyway, it’s always suffered from a dark interior, which was another reason why I didn’t use to visit it when I lived nearby, but it’s quirky decor made up for that.

Food: I had mushrooms on toast which were delicious. The bread was the usual supermarket bendable foam rubber, but the mushrooms were really tasty. My teabag wasn’t left in, but the tea was just strong enough. My only objection was the price – £3.80 seemed a bit steep for what I had, but then I suppose mushrooms are luxury items in caffs (more so than sausages). Anyway, sometimes you need to pay for what you need, and I needed mushrooms on toast.


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