Kent Cafe, Kentish Town Road

First visited: Saturday 11th June 2011

Interior: A standard bright, laminated menu, all-day-breakfasts caff. Friendly staff, blokey clientele (on my visit, this produced an immensely detailed exchange about Turkish club football – I think the English customer knew more than the Turkish bloke serving him). My experience was slightly marred by a big screen but they were showing trooping of the colour which is a bit more soothing than many alternatives (I’d had to leave KooKoo across the road without ordering because they had *two* screens showing a Rihanna video and that’s really not breakfast fodder).

Food: I was really impressed with my veg breakfast (although it was more food than I should have had): tasty mushrooms, tomatoes and fried egg, really nice bubble and beans that were firmer and less sweet than you tend to get (because they were a cheap generic brand rather than Heinz?). The tea was overmilked and in one of those dwarf mugs, but that’s better than a cup. But the best thing – the whole thing came to £4.50, including 2 slices of toast and the drink. A bargain!


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