Pronto a Mangia, Buckingham Palace Road, Victoria

First visited: 24/4/2011

Interior:  Pronto is divided into two: a standard sandwich bar in one half, a caff with waitress service in the other. They’re both absolutely standard in an Italian caff kind of way – the odd plant and floor tiles making up for the absence of any period detail. It’s not the kind of place you’d get pictures on the menus. The waitress was very friendly.

Food: I had a very nice pasta all amatriciana, although I had to double check there was any bacon in it at first. The spaghetti could have been a little more al dente, but this is a caff after all. It wasn’t cheap, but then this is the heart of touristland and I could have had a jacket potato or sandwich for somewhat less. And quite frankly, just finding somewhere serving hot food at 4pm on the Saturday of the easter weekend near Victoria seemed like a bit of a bonus to me.


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