Pedro’s Cafe, Kentish Town Road

First visited: Saturday 2nd April 2011

It’s taken me a while to get to Pedros, although it’s actually closer to where I used to live than where I live now (but do we go to our closest caffs when we can get a cuppa at home?) I can’t particularly say that the anticipation was worth much. There’s nothing wrong with Pedro’s. It’s just nothing special.

Interior: In fairness, although Pedros is as standard as standard can be as far as modern shiny caffs go, with their plastic tiles, laminated table menus and plastic menu boards, it is very clean indeed. In fact, it’s so shiny it almost seems to be veering into the fast food outlet category. For my taste the music was a bit loud, but it’s clearly a popular option and not just with gentlemen of a certain age (on my visit there were couples and a Dad and kid combo, among others).

Food: I can’t really say anything bad about my brown toast, grilled tomatoes and mushrooms, but they weren’t especially memorable. The bread wasn’t up to Brassino’s standards, but it didn’t totally collapse into mush (which goes to show that there is a quality range even with the mass-produced supermarket loaf). My tea was a bit milky but they left the teabag in.

Really, I’m not sure why I’m not more enthusiastic about Pedro’s – it was fine. My breakfast came to £4.20 which was more expensive than a standard English, but then that does happen when you go ‘a la carte’, and the loo seemed to be permanently locked (just in case anyone used it), but I wouldn’t warn anyone off it. I just doubt I’ll walk past Brassino’s to get there another day.


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