Mamma Mia, Kentish Town Road

Visited: Saturday 5th March 2011

I’d previously tried to visit this prominently- and conveniently-situated caff last spring. But it was a chilly day and they had the door open and I was just going to be too cold. I also somehow came away with the idea that they were all about panini and the thought of tasteless mozzarella on flaccid, cottony so-called ciabatta was a  little off-putting.

However, I was wrong. Mamma Mia do an excellent breakfast. I had the veggie breakfast, although it was more food than I really should have had, tempted by the fact that, in addition to the things I was going to eat anyway (tomato, mushrooms, toast and egg) they offered bubble and beans.  Tea and really quite decent buttered toast was included and the quality was really pretty good – notably the bubble didn’t have that disappointing stale smell that comes from old mash being fried in stale fat. For £5.50 it was really a bargain.

Mamma Mia’s interior is happy hybrid between sandwich bar and caff. The ‘formica’ tables have shiny red borders and matching chairs, the handwritten specials blackboards are mixed in with bits of mediterranean corporate art. And the walls are a nice pale terracotta. It was also very clean – one staff member was actually employed wiping the vinyl seat cushions to keep them shiny. I only regret I had no opportunity to investigate the loo.


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