Cafe Presto, Torrington Place, Bloomsbury

First visited: Tuesday 22nd February 2011

Interior: Cafe Presto isn’t really for me. It’s perfect for someone who wants to sit in the refreshing air and soak up the traffic noises, probably with an inhale of nictotine just for luck, as it has a large number of seats outside, and virtually none inside. Even the two tables inside might as well be outside because they keep the door open. Essentially a take-away counter, it’s a pretty inviting one of those, with plenty of fillings, as well as pre-filled ‘it’s not really ciabatta’ panini (I don’t mind that in a place like this – I was a bit shocked when the Italian deli in St Paul’s Road did the same) and unexpected snacks like mini-samosas.

Food: I had a mug of tea which, while under-watered, left the teabag in, which gave me plenty of scope for strength (is is me, though, or is there something design-unfriendly about those stainless steel mini-jugs of milk?) and two slices of brown toast with margarine. The toast was exactly what you would expect, but the whole thing, tea, toast and sitting came to a princely £1!  Felt like a bargain.


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