Cafe Evin, Kingsland High Street, Dalston

**UPDATE Sunday 5th August 2012**

Although this blog aims to highlight traditional caff fayre, I tend to order menemen, the scrumptious Turkish spicy scrambled egg dish for breakfast when I see it on a menu. Alas I cannot recommend that produced by Evin. I found it bland compared to that in Bar Ish or Cafe Z and was disappointed not to get any cucumber, cheese or olives with it. My companion was more disappointed than I was and suspected the tomatoes came from a tin. Far from inedible and a nice enough place, but not one to go to for eggy delights. And they did that lukewarm water / teabag on a saucer thing.


Visited Sunday 6th February 2011

I’ve often passed Evin on my way  to ‘somewhere which means I can’t stop for coffee’. Its promising exterior is matched by a very pleasant interior. The front area feels a bit like a european coffee house with a cabinet of cakes, armchairs and coffee tables. The back is a cut-out-and-keep Stokey Turkish restaurant – wooden tables, wooden floors, plants – and none the worse for that.

Sadly, I didn’t get to eat in Evin and it wasn’t my fault. When I came in at 4.45 on a Sunday, I was handed a dinner menu. This was odd because I was flanked by people eating breakfasts and almost everyone else was just on the tea or coffee. I tried to ask whether they were doing toast but the waitress’s English wasn’t up to it. The menu had the standard hummous, helim, and turkish main courses, but didn’t list cafe type food. It didn’t even mention the cakes. So I just had a mug of tea which I had to assemble myself from hot water, a teabag on a saucer and a jug of milk. Worse, the mug was a very annoying Illy coffee mug with a handle too small to pick up without burning yourself. The tea was nice, but then I made it, so it should have been.

Evin’s next door neighbour seems to have a more cafe-type approach, so perhaps that’s where I’ll satisfy my toast-cravings next time.


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