Chez Maxime, Archway Road

Visited: Saturday 15th January 2011

Interior: The decoration of attractive blue and white tiles renders Maxim bordering on the enhanced category, although the tables, chairs, laminated menus and display counter were certainly of the standard variety. Indeed, the menu was a little disappointing given the middle eastern promise offered by the tiling – very much standard breakfasts, jackets and pasta without any exciting lamb sausages or sheeps cheese to spice things up.

Food: My two slices of standard supermarket brown with mushrooms and tomatoes was perfectly fine and extremely good value (£3 including a very large tea indeed). I did exit feeling somewhat overgreased but that was quite possibly me and nothing to do with the way they made it.

Chez Maxime has one charming feature (apart from the tiles) upon which I can’t help remarking. One of its cabinets is given entirely over to biscuits: standard penguins, pink wafers, shortbreads and the like, laid out on plates. This is what used to pass for patisserie in most caffs when I was growing up but you don’t see it in London very often, such is the ubiquity of muffins, pasteis de nata and oversized chocchip cookes. I would expect the individual biscuit would be served on a plate, and very nice too.


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