Buon Appetito, Sicilian Avenue, Holborn

**Appears closed as of December 2011**

First visited: Saturday 11th December 2010

Interior: A real classic this one, totally charming tiled Italian caff of the sort that’s found so rarely in Central London now. In fact, it nearly jumped straight to ‘I like this one’ status, only two things let it down. First, somebody had just used such pungent bleach on the kitchen floor, that the fumes were entering the cafe (one customer getting a take-away coffee said her eyes were watering). It really did make things quite unpleasant and I can cope with a lot in a caff. Secondly, as a mitigating action, the very friendly manager led me to the window table in the attractive annexe room, despite the fact that the cafe was completely empty, and it would be more trouble for him to carry my breakfast in, and offered to open the door for me, little realising that this move would entail my putting all my outdoor clothes back on again. But then most people aren’t as chilly (or ‘nesh’ as Derbyshire people call it) as I am.

Food: I had a toasted granary bap with a bespoke panino filling of roasted veg, fresh tomato and mozza (a sort of off-menu combo which they could only do because they made the panini from scratch). The peppers used had been marinated in balsamic which made the filling a bit sour, but it was nice nevertheless. And the range of fillings and hot dishes was impressive. A plate of goulash or lasagne would have been very tempting had it not been 9.30am on a Saturday morning.


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