Wilkinson’s Coffee Shop, Bakewell, Derbyshire

Visited: Sunday 24th October 2010

Interior: In need of a cup of tea before catching a bus to sheffield, my companions and I attempted to get a table in the ‘Traditional Bakewell Pudding Shop’ only to be met by some indifferent staff who simply said that it would be a wait, despite the presence of several empty tables. Luckily, I’d noticed that the very untwee Wilkinson’s across the road was open. A very nice, simple caff (echoing its ironmongery namesake) with ‘order and pay at the counter’ service highly appropriate to a deadline set by an hourly bus departure. Service was nevertheless friendly (although I had to carry our tray of beverages to our table, reminding me why hospitality was never meant to be my trade). And unlike the cramped tearooms which fill the rest of the town, there was plenty of room for my luggage.

Food: My companions and I shared buttered toast and teacake (well I ate the teacake). Both were standard catering pack fare but very welcome for all that. Actually the teacake was lovely and tea amazingly strong. My companion’s coffee looked very nice too. And all was very cheap indeed. I highly recommend for anyone wanting to replenish hungry mouths without waiting half an hour for a seat!


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