The bean and bag cafe, Bakewell, Derbyshire

Visited: Sunday 24th October 2010

Interior: Bakewell is the kind of place that’s full of twee tea rooms, of which this is a classic example, although the menu was proper breakfasty, as you might expect in a market town full of people wearing gore-tex and carrying leki poles. It actually wasn’t really all that cute, without having the pleasures of a stripped-down caff. Like most of its ilk, tables were crammed together and staff somewhat pre-occupied. But it was a pleasant enough place to spend half an hour.

Food: I had a cheese and tomato toasty that was perfectly edible without giving any sign that the ‘local food’ revolution had reached Bakewell. Bright orange ‘farmhouse cheese’ (I wonder which body certifies the term ‘farmhouse’, non-descript tomato and standard supermarket bread was at least given the traditional accompaniment of a teaspoonsful of coleslaw, a lettuce leaf and some ready salted crisps. Decaff coffee on the other hand was rather good.


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