Archway Station Cafe, Junction Road

Visited 18th September 2010, last visited 29th January 2011

Interior: I hesitated about categorising this caff as standard, as it has an ‘enhanced’ feel brought about by its double life as a mediterranean restaurant in the evening. But it really does look like a pleasant wooden-floored caff really. I’ve eaten falafel here in the early evening during its last incarnation as a mezze bar and had many cheap and lovely French meals here when it was the Paris-London cafe, and I expect it feels like they did in the evening. But at 10am on a Saturday morning, it felt like a caff. And that’s not a criticism.

Food: I rather foolhardily went for the ‘mediterranean taste’ breakfast. It was delicious, but there’s only so much protein and salt a girl can cope with given the only antidote was a halved grilled tomato (lovely). I was slightly disappointed that it came with basic white buttered toast, when flatbread would have been nice (or at least the offer of granary) but halloumi and spicy sausage were great and the eggs perfectly cooked. However, I probably won’t return to this caff for the simple reason that tea was served in small coffee mugs. I had to order three of them in order to make up the equivalent of two proper mugs, which somewhat added to the cost of the meal (that and the fact that I felt I had to leave a tip as the place was being run by one young woman on her own and, while the food took a while to come, she was perfectly efficient with the orders and serving). Shame, but there’s too much choice in Archway and anyway, I don’t want to encourage people in this dreadful practice!


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