Charlie’s Cafe, St Paul’s Rd, N1

Interior: Charlie’s is a caff of the ‘modern, kooky’ school – wooden floors and mismatched tables, brightly painted walls, postcards and posters on the walls (Charlie Chaplin-related in this case). It’s altogether very Islington and very pleasant, although the ‘Metro’ on every table was a little odd. Service was fine given that one bloke was running the place on his own. Which means that it was a bit slow as he prioritised the coffee queue for obvious reasons, but I felt sorry for him.

Food:  There’s no doubting that Charlie’s is a caff. But it has distinct challenges in the food department. Essentially it doesn’t really do breakfast. And at breakfast time, it doesn’t really do much in the way of sandwiches – most of the fillings are made up in the course of the day and sliced white and brown was the only bread on offer. I had brown toast with cheddar (it was that way around rather than being a toasty). Actually they brought white first (after a bit of a wait) but changed it immediately. I can’t actually think of anything to say about it other than that the bread wasn’t mouldy (which isn’t a given).  Next time I think I’ll stick to Kika…


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