Archway Town Cafe, Junction Road, N19

Visited: Saturday 12th June 2010

Interior:  Absolutely standard plastic tables, laminated menus and ‘menu above the counter’, but none the worse for that. It’s a bigger space than some of its neighbours, but doesn’t feel impersonal, partly because the staff were extremely friendly. It’s clientele was local and looked to be of long standing, but was also notable because it was largely female. Younger women accompanied by pushchairs mostly sat outside. Older women, with the Irish accents I remember from the Archway of my youth, sat inside.

Food: I had an indifferent tomato and mushrooms on toast. The bread wasn’t great and the tomatoes sparse, but the mushrooms were good (if not on a Perugino or Double Six type of scale). And I can’t complain, with two mugs of (slightly overmilked) tea, it came to £3.40.


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