Kika, St Paul’s Road, Islington

Last visited, Sunday 4th April 2010

I hesitated to include Kika as a caff as it has a drinks license, bohemian chic decor and a decidedly extensive menu, including smoothies (the avocado and banana being my particular favourite) but it has all the physical qualities of the modern upmarket caff (and does an organic breakfast). Wooden floors, tables, chairs and lots of greenery aren’t that uncommon in caffs anymore. The burning incsense is a little rarer of course, but I didn’t find it as annoying as I usually do, and Kika is without doubt a pleasant, light but cosy place to be. And the menu is laminated.

Food: Other than the aforementioned smoothies, Kika actually does the range of sandwiches, jackets and breakfasts you might get at any caff along St Pauls Road. Some of the options are more exotic – a Jacket potato with vegetables was unexpectedly in a spicy thai sauce that really worked for some reason although I would imagine is not found much in Thailand. I haven’t had the full breakfast yet, but the mushrooms on toast were superlative – garlicky, buttery mushrooms on decent seeded toast which I thought wouldn’t be enough, but were so rich they were just the right quantity. The prices are definitely on the high side, but you can pay as much for worse quality.


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