Spreads, New Row, Covent Garden

Visited: Friday 19th February 2010


I’d always avoided Spreads because of its position in the heart of tourist land. After all, if you can entice people in to pay 9 pounds for fish and chips that went direct from freezer to microwave, why make an effort? However, I’m very glad I gave it a chance. On a rainy Friday afternoon, Spreads was extremely comforting and cosy. And the clientele clearly not just tourists. The decor is somewhat remniscent of the kinds of cafes-cum-restaurants that you get in English holiday fishing villages, but with strong overtones of raffia-chianti trattoria as well. Pulp film posters in Italian added to this latter feel and they do indeed have a  pizza and pasta menu. Wooden tables add to the cosy atmosphere and I was lucky, dining solo, that they had a one-person (or two friendly folk sitting side by side) table so I wasn’t hassled to leave.

Food: I had a jacket potato with cheese and coleslaw and a decaff coffee, both very nice indeed. The jacket was edible right to the skin, suggesting it had been baked thoroughly before being microwaved and the filling had just the right amount of gooey elastics of melting cheese to mash up into the potato flesh. Salad garnish was on the substantial side although it’s a shame there was no dressing among the condiments (apart from malt vinegar). It wasn’t the cheapest, but given the quality, I’m not complaining. I’ve certainly had worse!


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