Junction Restaurant, Junction Road, Archway

Visited: Saturday 20th February 2010

NB Not to be confused with Junction Cafe of which a review can be expected soon!

Somewhat more standard than De Marco’s down the road, I nevertheless preferred Junction Restaurant. For a start, there was no pervasive fat smell in The Junction. But more than anything, this is one of the most immaculate caffs I’ve been in. Yes the tiling, the tables, even the menus were what you would expect in hundreds of caffs across London, but I’ve never seen them so well looked-after. And by their loos shall you know them – this was positively pleasant! The welcome was good too, although the clientele overwhelmingly gentlemen of a certain age, one of whom was rather irritatingly playing the fruit machine.

Food: I opted for fried egg, tomato and black pudding on toast and it was really very good. I was a little nervous when two fried eggs cooked in rings arrived, as these often have a rubbery texture (and I was only expecting one) but they were perfect – runny in the middle, crispy on the outside, and oozed beautifully into the toast. The black pudding wasn’t the best I’ve ever had, but it was nice all the same. My only gripe would be that tea was a little overmilked and arrived without its teabag.


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