Cafe Brassino, Kentish Town Road

**Appears closed as of July 2011**

Visited: Tuesday 2nd February 2010, Last visited Saturday 22nd January 2011

Interior: When I was a child, this caff was called ‘Snoopy’s’ and was as blokey as they come (what could be seen from the bus of the smoke-filled interior). Today it is light and airy, green-painted, without being any less of a comfy traditional caff. I may be mistaken, but its occupancy of two shopfronts seems to be an innovation, which adds considerably to the brightness and space – but probably detracts from its original cramped charm.

Food: I had two granary toasts with tomato and mushroom and they were really something special! I whisper it, but they were better than the Double Six. The bread was a really nice seeded loaf, cut thick with just the right amount of butter (ie quite a lot), and both shrooms and toms were crisp, hot and tasty. Tea in a mug, a bit-overmilked but the teabag was left in, which helped.


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