Cafe Noisette, Museum Street, Bloomsbury

Visited: Sunday 10th January 2010

Interior: Noisette is a pleasant wooden floors/wooden tables cafe space. Appropriately for Bloomsbury, it’s the kind of place you can imagine whiling away an afternoon reading your latest acquisition from the London Review Bookshop. (Because you probably couldn’t get into the cake shop there as it’s always full or about to close). The welcome was a little mixed – big smile when we entered then rather sulky thereafter.

Food: I had a cheese and tomato toasted sandwich with a peppermint tea, which was a generous portion served from a little pot. I was disapp0inted that they didn’t do decaff coffee. The sandwich was okay, and the accompanying salad actually quite nice, but the cost raised our eyebrows somewhat: 1 tea, 1 coffee, 2 cheese and tomato toasties on brown – nearly £13.00. Judging by my experience at the nearby Ruskin Cafe, Museum Street is not the place to go for value for money.


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  1. Spreads, New Row, Covent Garden « Caffs Says:

    […] Food: I had a jacket potato with cheese and coleslaw and a decaff coffee, both very nice indeed. The jacket was edible right to the skin, suggesting it had been baked thoroughly before being microwaved and the filling was generous without being overwhelming. Salad garnish was on the substantial side although it’s a shame there was no dressing among the condiments (apart from malt vinegar). It wasn’t the cheapest, but given the quality, I’m not complaining. I’ve certainly had worse! […]

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