De Marco, Junction Road, Archway

Visited: Saturday 19th December 2009

De Marco seems to have been done up somewhat since my childhood, although I must say you could never actually see what the darkened interior looked like through the misty windows. However, it still very much has the sense of being a traditional caff and although it doesn’t hold the same attractions as it once did, I was glad to see the ice-cream counter facing directly onto the street was still there. The cold weather meant that ventilation was poor and I left exuding fatty aromas, but the welcome was pleasant.

Food: I had a generous portion of grilled tomatoes, fried egg and mushrooms which was not the best of its kind but perfectly edible and good value at £4.20 including two mugs of tea. The tea itself didn’t have the mighty orange power many caffs offer, but was welcome nonetheless.


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