Best Cafe, Kentish Town Road

**Now called Mem’s Cafe**

Visited: Sunday 16th November 2009

Interior: A classic plastic caff: bright orange tables, tiled floor, laminated menus and glass counter. These products of the 90s may be a dying breed so it’s good to appreciate them. The atmosphere was friendly if slightly terrifyingly blokish – the population, at a guess, drawn from the security community from the Forum next door. However, if the diminuitive manager did not object to play fighting with a crowd of seven-foot gorillas, I can’t really complain.

Food: A vegetarian breakfast did everything you would expect – a full delivery of protein, fat and carbohydrate to a body that was somewhat chilly thanks to a winter dip in the nearby lido. Excellent value and two mugs of lovely orange tea helped to bring my core temperature up a little.


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