Cafe Meze, Great Portland Street Station

Visited Saturday 31st October 2009

Interior: Cafe Meze has an old-new feel – like it’s been done up recently, but from someone who discovered that tasteful plants and lots of light worked in 1976 so lets keep doing it like that. Not unpleasant at all, although sometimes it feels a bit more like a garfunkels than a caff. The welcome was so-so- one of the waiters was either deaf or didn’t really speak English or my accent is impenetrable. Another one looked right down my top when I ordered.

Food: I had a veggie breakfast number one, that is mushrooms, beans and tomatoes, because it had two toast with it, but with an extra fried egg. Luckily I like my eggs runny, but worth remembering to specify well done if that’s how you like it. It was all okay, but I thought overpriced for £4.95 (with the extra egg, tea, coffee and tip, it came to a tenner). The tea was the biggest disappointment. If that cup was a large tea, heaven only knows how tiny the small tea was. They did leave the teabag in, but otherwise it was like being in continental europe. The decaff coffee was much nicer.

All in all, I wouldn’t go back, although it’s well-located and open on a Saturday. I’d probably have gone further into Fitzrovia in my hunt for egg on toast, but was deeply disappointed that Regent’s Park’s Honest Sausage only does roll-and (sausage or bacon) and no full breakfasts, so my hunger needed speedy resolution.


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