Metro Cafe, Vauxhall Bridge Road, Victoria

Visited: Sunday 11th October 2009

S0metimes a place is welcome just because it’s there. On a Sunday morning at 10am, there’s really not much available in this part of London. However, the Metro is open and serving tea and coffee and abbreviated breakfasts…

Interior: Nothing much to remark in this standard sandwich counter caff. Menu above the counter. The welcome was a  little perfunctory.

Food: One of the most restricted menus I’ve seen – no mushrooms, no tomatoes – but that’s what you get from open all hours! We had baked beans on toast with a fried egg and it was fine. Actually the beans weren’t that sweet and were quite firm, so I wonder if they came from a special catering pack which is actually healthier than Heinz! My tea was massively over-milked and coffee was white without being asked. We didn’t specify either, so I was happy to pay for another one, but they didn’t thank me when I checked that checked that both coffees were included in the price.

Overall, better than nothing in a situation where nothing is all too common!


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