Bloomsbury Diner, Bloomsbury Street

Visited: Saturday 12th September 09

Interior: Some institutional heritage tiling saves this cafe from being completely featureless, although it’s not one to go for atmosphere. There’s something not very convincing about the welcome, as if they’re trying to smile but would really rather you weren’t there.

Food: The Diner reaches beyond traditional caff food to cater for the large number of tourists failing to find the British Museum (it’s big, but somehow invisible). I had the ‘falafel feast’, of which the falafel itself was rather dry, but there was plenty of salad, including generous quantities of parsley (or not very pungent coriander). I also had a decaff coffee which was perfectly drinkable, not always a given.


One Response to “Bloomsbury Diner, Bloomsbury Street”

  1. Ernesto Priego Says:

    All this blog needs to be perfect is a) a related Google map you would make indicating the caffs with a link to each of these posts, b)quick photos taken by you with your mobile of each caff.

    Now that would rock.

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