Boggi’s, Monmouth Street, Seven Dials

***Cafe closed and stripped out as of October 2009***

Visited: Friday 1st May 2009

Interior:  A very nice example of the sandwich bar with a long formica counter looking onto one of central london’s more pleasant streets. The interior is enhanced by loads of natural light and the theatre posters typical of the Covent Garden caff. You order at the sandwich counter as you come in and pay there and then – clearly mostly catering for take-away trade (and Boggi’s opening hours would indicate an office-oriented clientele, despite its west end location) – but there’s plenty of seating room, tables too.

Food: I had a very nice jacket potato with a generous topping of cheese and coleslaw, in which the presence of red onion indicated it may not have come entirely from a white plastic tub. The jacket had been baked before being microwaved and had creamy flesh and an entirely edible skin. Nice mug of tea, although the pre-paying system didn’t really encourage one to order a second.


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