Saltaire Village Bakery, Saltaire, West Yorkshire

Visited: Monday 13th April 2009

Interior: Upstairs the Village Bakery is exactly what you’d expect: trays of pasties, buns and loaves of bread, plus a couple of cramped tables. Downstairs it is a pleasant, naturally-lit tea room of the sort one finds in attractive places like Saltaire:  twee by caff standards but far fewer patchwork elephants and floral tea cosies than one would find in Berkshire.

Food: Breakfasts all round, including a full English plus black pudding for me. The meat all seemed very high quality, there was plenty of toast and butter and the beans did not taste of the cash and carry variety. My one gripe is that, in the heart of Yorkshire, tea was in a measly undersized mug with no top-ups. I wouldn’t have minded getting more – although being a tea room as well as a caff, it wasn’t cheap – but there was no-one around to order it from. Overall it was the kind of breakfast that feels like you need a lie-down afterwards to recover. Which is a good thing.


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