Regency Cafe, Regency Street, Westminster

Visited: Wednesday 15th April 2009

Interior: The Regency’s much-filmed interior lives up to its tiled and formica-tabled promise. But it’s the brusque but friendly welcome I think that really makes it stand out. Here, you queue, order then sit (I don’t think it’s done to send your mate to grab a table). In record time the amazingly vocally-talented manageress, who spoke to you in polite, normally-pitched tones, will bellow your order in a deep contralto and you collect it. Magnificent.

Food: I had vegetarian pasta and salad which was jolly nice indeed. My friend had mushroom omelette and chips and similarly enjoyed it. I nicked several of the chips and they were superb – apparently home made, crispy outside, potatoey in the middle.

I sort of feel that the Regency doesn’t need me. It’s starred on the screen with Daniel Craig and frankly, if you don’t get there before 12 on a weekday, you won’t get a seat. But it does live up to expectations.


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