Marino’s Restaurant, Rathbone Place, W1

***Cafe closed as of October 2008***

Visited: Saturday 17th January 2008

Interior: Classic Italian caff with restaurant aspirations (although this one’s not open in the evening). Checkerboard floor, wooden tables and chairs – strangely austere walls, but a good sandwich bar counter. A spacious back area with an impressiveĀ number of wooden tables means it shouldn’t be too hard to get a seat.

Food: The menu has a full range of pasta and pizza options as well as breakfasts and sandwiches. I made rather a poor choice with ‘Spaghetti vegetables’ – it was literally spaghetti in a rather liquidy tomato sauce plus all the veg that had accompanied the hot meals the day before: soggy carrot, cabbage and cauliflower. But the spaghetti was nice and firm and the portion size huge, so my guess is that the tradtional napoli, vongole, carbonara etc options are superior. Tea was in a mug and a trifle milky, but they left the teabag in which did much to mitigate the effect.


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