New Goodfare, Parkway, NW1

First visited: Thursday 1st January 2009, last visited Sunday 29th March 09

Apparently owned by the same people as Bistro Laz, the website has the same annoying music feature you can’t turn off.


Traditional sandwich bar with pasta dinner capabilities. The Goodfare has a jolly atmosphere with tables snuggled together  and Italian-themed paintings.  Service did its best in busy circumstances. A nearby customer commented on the waiter that ‘he’s always so rude’, but I didn’t notice anything – rather he engaged in banter, but perhaps this was at the customers’ expense. An off-putting feature was the predominance of young well-groomed professionals, but perhaps there’s more of a mix on a Monday at 8am.


In a fit of new year austerity I had the Spanish Omelette with salad, which was perfectly pleasant as an omelette but with no discernible Spanish theme. The salad was great, an Italian-themed one with an olive oil cruet supplied, rather than a traditionally English one. On other tables I spotted lovely dishes of pasta and generous breakfasts.


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