Italian Coffee Company, Crawford St, W1

Visited:  Sunday 4th January, 2009

Wooden floors and tables make this a more welcoming experience than its peers normally offer. An unusual feature on a day when the temparature was below freezing, and where the  norm is wide-open doors was a welcome rush of warm air from what would normally be used as an air conditioning unit. Arabic television makes its presence felt somewhat intrusively but was at least watched by staff rather than simply being an unwelcome backdrop. I felt a little stared-at by the entirely male staff, but perhaps women don’t often eat on their own in Marylebone.

Sadly, my first and second choices of light wraps (and what had led me to choose the caff in the first place)  were not available. Still in January austerity mode, I didn’t want a breakfast and instead, I asked for a small portion of lebanese musaka (for which they insisted on charging the full price) which was very nice indeed. Tea was in a big mug and they also offered fresh mint tea. However, the attitude of the staff means I don’t really want to go back.


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