Little Portland Cafe, Little Portland St, W1

Visited 1st November 2008, Last visited Saturday 5th March 2010


Not impressed at all on my return visit. Why, when eggs, bacon, sausage and beans with toast and a drink is £3.50, should egg (singular), beans, half a grilled tomato and a spoonful of beans be £3.80 *without drink or toast*!!!!? And the tea was too milky – I had to get a second mug and ask them to leave the teabag in and it still wasn’t very nice. As the young folk would say *FAIL*.

Interior: I vaguely remember the old LPC which had a certain classic windowless fluorescent dingy charm, but I think I prefer it now: lots of blonde wood tables and chairs, but retaining the sandwich bar counter and there’s enough in the way of condiments and bustle to prevent it feeling like Ikea. The menu is on a blackboard (or rather two – one over the counter for takeaway, one up on the kitchen wall for sit-in) and the brisk but welcoming waitress made the ordering process clear. The changes, mourned or not, seem to be working. There was a healthy number of customers (young and old) on a Saturday lunchtime in an area where most caffs are closed at the weekend.

Food: I had a jacket potato with beans and cheese that was about standard for the genre: ie filling was okay but skin leathery and musty-tasting. It was absolutely huge though and pretty good value at less than 4 quid. The potato didn’t come out the microwave – they have a few sitting on the hotplate so I’m not quite sure why it wasn’t very nice. Tea was in an undersized mug but lovely and I also had a nice decaff coffee. A small breakfast eaten by another customer looked very tasty indeed and – a bonus – they use free range eggs, so a wiser order may produce different results next time.


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