Bad Cafe: Eco Cafe, Camden High Street

Last (ever) visited: Wednesday 15th October 2008

I really wanted to like this place hence my returning after this not very impressive experience, but there’s so much wrong with it, that my anticipatory goodwill was soon vanquished.

Let me begin:

 – You order at the counter, but pay when you collect your food, even if you’re sitting in, and even if it’s a hot plate of full english, a basket of toast and a mug of tea and you have to collect it and pay from the same service point that the queue of take-away customers is ordering and paying for their coffees and croissants

 – The plate was a small oblong item, far too small to hold both breakfast and toast, despite the fact that…

 – the breakfast was tiny: 1 veg sausage, 1 slice of bacon, a ramekin of microwaved baked beans, and 2 eggs, although..

 – the bacon was easily discarded as it was a totally inedible piece of charred shoe leather, and..

 – the toast was really horrible, cold, bog standard supermarket bread (not what I expected in an organic caff)

 – I had to ask (at the same time as paying for and collecting my breakfast, and carrying the plate, mug and basket back to my table) milk with my English breakfast tea (which was not included in the price) and…

 – the tea was a pot of warm water and a teabag on a plate! not what you expect to come when you order tea with an ‘organic English brekkie’

 – they played really horrible, really loud techno-muzak

If this place isn’t prepared to hire enough staff to make and serve hot food as well as coffee, then they should stop serving it. Frankly I think they should concentrate on takeaway and abandon the whole idea of sitting in.

PS My coming here for breakfast was supposed to be a special treat…


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