Chez Monique, Little Turnstile, Holborn, WC1

Visited: 18.9.2008

Interior: I last visited Chez Monique in about 1996 and I can honestly say it hasn’t changed a bit since then. I could be wrong but the pale lemon walls, formica tables and classic wall menus seemed exactly as they were, which is comforting given how much most places change. Monique’s has a surprising amount of natural light given the single window looking out onto one of London’s narrower and more intriguing alleys. The welcome was smiley and friendly.

Food: I had an absolutely yummy jacket potato with cheese and coleslaw (a combination they were happy to provide although it was not on the menu). The potato had been microwaved rather than baked but was hot enough for the cheese to melt although the coleslaw was direct from the fridge cabinet. The menu has some nice touches – any caff that does breakfast will do you tomato on toast, egg on toast etc – but Monique’s actually had a section called ‘snacks’ which listed all the ‘on toast’ options. Also present were unusual choices like vegetarian casserole. Oh and tea was strong, orange and in a mug.


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