Farina’s, Leather Lane, EC1

Visited: 16th September 2008

Interior: Farina’s has been described beautifully elsewhere but to add my penny’s worth, the interior seemed to me to be a classic of the late 1960s – dark brown fake wooden panelling, formica tables, green leatherette chairs, all very warm and comforting.

Food: I had the vegetable chow mein, not a typical caff dish, admittedly, but I thought I’d take advantage of the Chinese menu, this being one of the mysterious sub-genres of caffs, the ‘alternative ethnic menu’. It was a generous portion of thin noodles with the customary meagre sprinkling of onions and carrots, somewhat fatty, but tasty and clearly made fresh. A large tea was a fantastic head-blowing orange tannin-fest and came in a mug (which is a good thing). The menu had a really good range of all the caff staples – breakfasts, sandwiches, jackets and a really good range of hot food. I was particularly impressed that in addition to the usual bolognese, napoli and lasagne, there was ham and mushroom tagliatelle.


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