Cafe Grill, Camden High Street, London NW1

Date visited: 26th August 2008

Interior: This used to be Cafe Crescent, and has sadly lost most of its charm in its refurb – no more theatre flyers and checked table cloths. Just wooden tables (better than metal) and the odd bit of corporate art. Also seems to have had a rehire as well – staff were affable but simply couldn’t cope with the lunchtime rush and for whatever, reason, the orders rarely seemed to match what was offered either.

Food: It’s very, very difficult to order anything that’s not just protein (and fat). In a moment of madness I ordered the mediterranean breakfast number 2, which was bacon, eggs and mushrooms, PLUS halloumi and loundza (cypriot sliced sausage). I had to ask for milk in my tea (because Earl Grey is herbal apparently) and despite ascertaining with the waiter that I definitely wanted brown toast (about 3 times) they still brought white toast. The egg, halloumi and loundza were all very nice but all too much salty, fatty protein (yes it is possible). The total absence of any vegetables on the sandwich menu (egg and halloummi, egg and bacon, egg and loundza and halloummi etc) indicated that the breakfasts did reflect the full contents of the kitchen.

Glad I went back but I won’t do so again.

A more positive review can be found here.


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