Favoloso, Carlisle Road, Eastbourne

Visited: Sunday 3rd August 2008

Fantastically 1950s-style caff, with food from the 1970s unfortunately

Interior: Real old fashioned seaside coffee bar and restaurant. A bit like a mixture between an art deco nightclub and a workplace canteen, but loads of atmosphere. Was serving at 5.30 and open until 10pm.

Food: Well, you wouldn’t come here for the food unless you loved ice cream sundaes, of which there was a choice of at least 40. My Lasagne was the old fashioned dish of hot cheese that has become traditional in office canteens with a classic caff ‘salad’ (couple of pieces of cucumber, half a tomato and some shredded iceberg lettuce, but you don’t go to caffs for health food). Was nice that they served wine and beer.


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