Cafe Crescent, Camden High St, NW1


Visited: Friday 16th May 2008

Friendly caff with very loud classic FM, visited on the day it’s closing for refurbishment

Appearance: Like a 1970s idea of a Parisian bistro. Wooden floors, tables and chairs, red and white checked plastic table covers and lots of theatre flyers on the walls. I loved it! Classic FM was very loud, a bit too much even for me, but it had the feel of being a Camden institution.

Food: Very nice mushrooms and fine grilled tomatoes, on really quite nice seeded bread, spoiled by the copious use of margarine instead of butter (but maybe they thought I was a vegan). Attractive mug of tea.

I visited this caff a matter of hours before they take their last order before closing. The manager says the new owners will be doing ‘the same thing really’ with the caff, but the fact they’re closing for refurbishment for 2 weeks doesn’t bode well.


2 Responses to “Cafe Crescent, Camden High St, NW1”

  1. Tuppence Says:

    I remember eating in this one on and off for a few years now, but stopped when visiting Camden Market became a series of architectural and cultural bereavements, rather than the joy it once was.

    A bit of a shame it closed down – any idea what has replaced it?

  2. schopflin Says:

    Yes! See Cafe Grill above…

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