Ozone, Shaftesbury Avenue

**Now incorporated into Silva’s next door as of November 2011!**

**Closed as of October 2010**

Visited: Monday 5th May 2008

Appearance: Pleasant and modern with dark wood fittings and comfy tables. Obviously aiming for a funky cafe feel despite the standard (indeed, rather limited) sandwich and breakfast fare on offer. A big screen playing a music cable channel was too loud and intrusive for the small space.

Food: Very disappointing for the price. I had a mozzarella and roasted veg toasty and the cheapness of the bread (there were no granary baps alas) combined with the sogginess of the veg, that appeared to have been sitting in liquid for a few days, meant it practically fell apart in my hands. The mozzarella was generous and nice and creamy but the otherwise poor ingredients made me feel as though this place was all appearance and no substance. Mind you, the tea (served in a stupid oversized cup, difficult to handle, got cold too quickly) was excellent quality earl grey.

I’d have gone to Silvas next door if it had been open!


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