Bistro Laz, Parliament Hill Fields

Laz’s website isn’t working anymore, but Time Out has reviewed it!

First visited: 2nd January 2007, last visited 20th June 2010

Superb quality food in lovely atmosphere

Interior: Was once a basic caff but the acquisition of a drinks licence has given it wooden floors and tables and a few turkish rugs. Not tacky or over-fussy and still feels like a caff not a restaurant. Very nice location next to Hampstead Heath and handy for the buses.

Food: The best I’ve ever had in a caff! I had the ‘light breakfast’ which comprised 2 pieces of unsoggy, buttery brown toast, a poached egg, the best mushrooms ever, a hash brown and plenty of grilled tomato. Presumably the full sized breakfast is somewhat larger. Lovely big mug of earl grey and very reasonably priced.


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