Victory Cafe, Eversholt St

First Visited: Friday 7th July 2007
Last visited: Saturday 14th February 2009

The Victory is still the preserve of grumpy blokes, but I can’t deny they do a cracking Veggie Breakfast. Lovely mushrooms this time, hash browns, tomatoes, an egg and chips. They make it all look so easy!

I felt I should visit this having previously patronised the Double Six a few doors away. Very blokey atmosphere, even by London caffs standards. Unusually, French-run, slightly grumpily.

Interior: Very traditional tiles and booths interior. It’s the first time I’ve been in a caff since the smoking ban and the difference is extraordinary. I’m much more aware of the cafe’s appearance when I’m not absorbing acrid smoke smells or seeing it through a cloud. This is something of a cut out and keep traditional caff, but none the worse for that.

Food: I had 2 slices granary toast, grilled tomato (fresh not tinned), two poached eggs and beans, plus a mug of tea. They had no mushrooms. I was impressed with the eggs, which were just the right consistency although disappointed in the absence of mushrooms and by the fact that the toast tasted a bit margeriney. But a nice mug of orange tea was just what the doctor ordered.

Overall, I liked it but preferred Double Six. Not sure why.


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