Cafe Lido, Great Castle Street, Upper Regent St, W1

First Visited: Monday 2nd July 2007, Last visited Saturday 30th August 2008


Sorry to go on about the size of teacups, but charging £1.80 for a cup of warm water and a teabag on a plate is NOT ON. Luckily the waitress was very nice about pouring some more hot water on my teabag, but why not just give me a mug in the first place? Coffee’s served in a mug (although a small one).

 A good place to escape from Oxford Street shoppers. Open into the evening.

Interior: A traditional Italian sandwich bar enhanced by a skylit eating area filled with delightful greenery.

Food: I had a very garlicky rigatoni with broccoli and tomato sauce which was delicious although it had the usual rather meagre ratio of sauce to pasta. Also an earl grey tea served in a cup of course.

This is an old favourite for pre-pub dinners which has become very pretty since I last visited. I was also impressed at how much the staff seemed to want to help each other. I couldn’t find anywhere to leave a tip, otherwise I would have!


One Response to “Cafe Lido, Great Castle Street, Upper Regent St, W1”

  1. pamela saunders Says:

    What time are you open to on a Thursday evening

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